United in the fight against breast cancer!

We know that Breast Cancer is a complicated process for both the patients who suffer from it and the people around. That’s why we want to make sure you have a long and healthy life, because in ArdyssLife your health and well-being is our main priority. So here are some key elements to avoid the development of malignant cells in your body.

Early diagnosis is of vital importance as time can make the difference. It is essential that all women perform a self-examination exam every month, preferably after their menstrual period; for women over 40, one mammogram per year is recommended. For more information, go to your nearest health clinic and learn about the symptoms, causes and consequences of this disease to be prepared.

At the beginning, breast cancer may not produce symptoms, these will be noticeable as the disease progresses; but these are some factors that we must take into account in order to have an early detection:



-Lumps in the breast or armpit area (under the arm)
-Increased thickness or swelling of a part of the breast
-Irritation or sagging in the area
-Redness or peeling in the nipple area
-Sagging, pain or discharge
-Any change in the size or shape of the breast

Our nutritional products not only have all the fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals that can help you in the process, like our Le vive Red, which has a lot of powerful antioxidants that are highly beneficial for your body. But our reshaping line, from which our incredible Angel Bra comes from, is made of materials with the highest technology that help improve circulation, correct posture, release shoulder stress, prevent cysts from forming and help in early detection just with the special way it’s put, among other amazing benefits.

Some risk factors that can lead a person to be more susceptible to this disease are: -Being over 45 years old

-Family history of breast cancer
-Alteration of some genes that are associated with the disease (specifically BRCA1 and BRCA2)
-Having started menstruating before the age of 12
-Having had menopause after the age of 55.
In order to avoid contracting this disease, it is recommended to follow a balanced diet and have a healthy lifestyle (this is also a way to reduce the risk of all types of cancers). Let’s remember that we are all exposed to this, so it is important not to leave your health aside.

There are many tools for people who are going through this difficult situation, from psychological support to group therapy, you are not alone! We are a big family and your well-being is our priority.

For you, for me and for all of us, don’t let your guard down!

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