“The world is yours, you just have to earn it!”


I would like to begin by giving thanks mainly to God, who has led us to this place. I would also like to thank the Diaz De Leon Family for making Ardysslife a platform for growth to help so many families around the world. I am grateful for the support of our leaders who are the main pillars of our organization. Above all, I thank my wife Rosa who has supported me at all times.

The main key to achieve great things is discipline, it is also very necessary because nobody becomes a leader overnight, it requires constant preparation throughout your career. Ranks are acquired based on your numbers, but the most important thing is your leadership, and that is earned by serving, guiding and helping all your distributors. Success will not depend on what you are doing, but on what you do for your team.

Thanks to the company we have achieved an incredible Lifestyle, we have traveled to many parts of the world and we have the home of our dreams. We enjoy having the cars we always wanted and thanks to this great company we have seen thousands and thousands change their lifestyle with our products and with our spectacular and wonderful Compensation Plan.

The world is yours, you just have to earn it! We thank all our Leaders in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Bolivia who always believed in us and our great Ardysslife Company, we will see you on the beaches of the world!