“We are not in times of crisis, we are in times of great opportunity.”


I have been in this wonderful company for approximately 9 years, thanks to a friend who shared with me the great business opportunity and two wonderful products Body Magic and the Original Coffee with which I managed to lose 45 pounds and reshape my body.

I started inviting more people so they could do the same and now we are a wonderful team called “Team Diamond” thanks to God and my team today I achieved the rank of President. “We are not in times of crisis, we are in times of great opportunity. Even with the situation we are currently experiencing worldwide, I have had the opportunity to fulfill a new goal, to reach a new rank, and this shows again that ArdyssLife is a company of opportunities, of growth and crisis free.

Being a full time housewife, mother of 3 beautiful daughters, I always wanted to find a way to support and improve my family’s finances. I needed a job that I could do from the comfort of my home. At ArdyssLife I found the opportunity to help people improve their lives while making it my own life was changing, all without leaving my family behind. One of the things I have liked the most about working from home is that we can also earn trips and different bonuses, we have a total of 9 different ways to earn money at ArdyssLife. Last year thanks to that I was able to earn the trip of my dreams, with the comforts and luxuries that I always wanted, it was a dream come true that helped me have more focus, vision and ambition to reach the top of success so that it is not only once a year, but that it becomes my lifestyle, because with God and ArdyssLife everything is possible!

This achievement is not only mine, but also thanks to the teamwork, the support of my husband and my new ArdyssLife family, now my next step is as I promised my daughters, to give them a bigger place to live, to improve our lifestyle, and this does not end here, I am going for more!

With ArdyssLife you can change your life from all angles, I have been able to improve my health, and to have a better one.