“My mission is to make people healthy and change their lives”


I joined ArdyssLife in 2002, started the business because I was overweight and fell in love with this wonderful company. My vision at ArdyssLife is to change the lives of people who, like me, are overweight or need tho improve their health. My mission is to make people healthy and change their lives by bringing money into their homes without leaving their families behind. I started my leadership career 4 years ago, thanks to the knowledge I have acquired of all the products and the business it is easier to train new distributors to be independent and duplicate the business.

This year the world changed, we started to stay at home having to adapt to technology, the phone, the internet. Currently many people have lost their jobs and this situation is very difficult.I am grateful to ArdyssLife for being in this company that in these times has become a blessing, working from home has given me the opportunity to take advantage of the time to enjoy my family more, to live with them, and my check is bigger every day, it is incredible that in all this time, that everyone is losing their jobs my checks are at least $6,000 a month, all this without leaving my home, I am selling on the phone, I enroll people on the phone, I share with them the opportunity we have in ArdyssLife without risking our health.

I thank the Diaz de Leon family for sharing their dreams with us, for making us part of this great family.

“An appointment with Ardyss changed my life and I know it will change the lives of others.