What I need to Know about the Ardysslife Opportunity

United States Income Disclosure – 2018

TO PARTICIPATE as an ArdyssLife Distributor, you may participate in three ways:

• You can buy products at the wholesale price for personal use.
• You can make a retail profit by buying and then reselling products directly to your customers or by selling products to your customers through your ArdyssLife replicated website.
• You can earn commissions from the sales to your customers and from the sales of a team of like-minded people who want sell products to customers and recruit other people to become distributors.

Why I should know If I decide to participate

• You are not required to carry any inventory.
• You will set your own schedule and choose how and when to work.
• Most people start their ArdyssLife business by selling part time to their friends and family to make a little extra money.
• Building a successful business takes hard work, time and expense.
• Like all businesses, some Distributors will succeed, while some will not.

How much can I earn by selling ardysslife products

• Retail Profits: As a Distributor, you may buy products at wholesale prices that are up to 40% less than the suggested retail price and up to 20% less than the prices for preferred customers. Your earnings are the difference between the wholesale price and the selling price.
• Total reported earnings of all trackable sales and commissions (we don’t track all in-person sales):*
• From all Distributors who earned money in 2017, about 87% earned more than $200 USD.
• About 11% earned more than $600 USD.
• About 2% earned more than $10,000 USD.
• The top 1% of all earners averaged 4 years to get to this level of earnings.

Of all US Distributors who chose to build a team by sponsoring someone, 20% did not earn any commissions in 2017.

If you seek to earn extra income, either part time or full time, you will incur expenses, as in any other business. You must also be realistic in the time and energy you must commit. Direct selling is rewarding and provides ample opportunity for personal growth; it is also hard work and persistence.

To earn money

• Retail Profits: Simply submit your application and purchase a starter kit at $100 or $300. You can then sell products to your customers and keep the difference as well as earn a bonus for sales to first time customers and distributors.
• Commissions: Recruit and build a team of distributors and teach them to sell to customers and build their own teams. To earn commissions from the sales of others in your team, you must: sell or purchase a minimum amount of product (100 PQP) in a month within your first year.
• You cannot earn money simply for recruiting or sponsoring someone.

*These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits.

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