Do you know how Detox works?

The transform 90 challenge is still on, people! How is it going over there? Need a little push? The key to succeeding and staying motivated is consistency and acknowledging all the amazing benefits you’ll get from this program.

So let’s learn about the second step in the process: detoxifying your body.

The idea of internal body cleansing is based on the idea of autointoxication used in Ancient Egypt and classical Greece.

In those times it was thought that certain foods could introduce toxins into the body and thus damage it. From these historical moments onwards, the concepts of detoxification of the organs that conform the digestive system have been handled at different times.

In the last decades, the ideas about detoxification have been acquiring a much more everyday sense, that is why today there are a variety of processes that we can follow to keep our body in shape.

Not a diet to lose weight as such, which can often be confused with this term, we are referring correctly to it, as a cleansing of the body. And it is usually achieved by making changes in our food ingesting to facilitate our system to eliminate impurities, waste and toxins.

To carry out a good detoxification process, it is necessary to use products and a specific meal plan that are endorsed by health professionals. It is also important to mention that it is not about doing an “extreme diet” for three or five days, instead it requires a real change in your habits.

Here are some recommendations that are very important to take into account when doing a Detox, in order to get better results:

– Incorporate more vegetables to your daily menu: Consuming juices and smoothies with green foods is a good option to start taking the necessary vitamins and nutrients in an innovative way. You can incorporate ginger, which has many properties that will optimize the process of getting rid of toxins from your body. There are many ways to detox, the most popular ones include vegetables and fruits such as: pineapple, cucumber, lemon, papaya, tamarind, celery, apple, etc. All of the above mentioned foods have properties that produce a sense of well being and help significantly reduce the effects of inflammation.

– Try not to eat a lot of processed foods: In such a globalized world, it may sound like a difficult task, but it is increasingly common to see stores or supermarkets that offer natural products. A good tip is to always read the nutritional labels.

– Drink more water: This is a natural cleanser of our system. If we change juices and carbonated drinks with high sugar and sodium content for water or hydrations with lemon, mint, cucumber, we will be helping our body to eliminate everything we don’t need.

You can also take Green 29 capsules and Ultra Cleanse products to help you boost an internal cleansing and provide relief resulting from the elimination of toxins from your system.

Be sure to follow these recommendations to get to your goal much faster in a simpler way. We are sure that you will reach your dreams, we want to be with you in this process towards a better version of yourself and that is why we will be providing you with all the necessary tools to make it happen, during these days.

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