” I love to say “We KIMM,” which means, “We Keep it Moving WITH Momentum!”


Our lives are filled with decisions we make every single day. Our ability to make decisions that have great impact on our lives is truly amazing! Becoming a partner with ArdyssLife as an Independent Distributor, was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life!

The company I chose to partner with, ArdyssLife, is a company where the Founders, Co-Founder, and Corporate Staff, really care about people! They really care about “Helping Families Thrive!” I, along with my company, and my fellow business partners around the globe have the same mission and purpose! We want people to do well! When people do well, we do well. When we do well, our company Ardysslife does well. When ArdyssLife does well, the company expands and reaches more people, affording them the opportunity to do well too! We are a people helping people do business, and we do so every day! I love to say “We KIMM,” which means, “We Keep it Moving WITH Momentum!”

As a result of partnering with ArdyssLife, I have been afforded the opportunity to travel places I would not have gone! I purchased a vehicle for my grandson, when he went to college, with income I earned from working my ArdyssLife business! I have also purchased a vehicle for my granddaughter for her to attend college! ArdyssLife provides me the opportunity to create income to purchase what I need to purchase. I can purchase supplements in quantities that allows me to gift supplements to people in need. I have been afforded the ability to give myself a pay raise at will, and I have been able to increase my savings.

Our company provides us with a vehicle to teach people how to get healthier, how to earn additional income as business owners, and allows us to create great long-lasting legacies for our families! Life is great in ArdyssLife!
I love ArdyssLife! An appointment with Ardyss has changed my life. We Help Families Thrive, and you can too!