“Success is helping others to succeed.”


Transitioning from 33 year cosmetic career to a health and wellness career has been a smooth very rewarding transition because of ArdyssLife. The Diaz de Leon family is a family that founded the company on putting God first and family is everything. They are on a mission to help families thrive and I have partnered with them. My passion is to help thousands to become successful entrepreneurs or as we say ArdyssPreneurs and live a healthier life. May 1st, 2008, I made a life-changing decision to join the ArdyssLife family with the loving support of my amazing husband, Larry Mosley. It has been a very rewarding journey.

ArdyssLife gives you the opportunity to earn 9 ways of pay, what a blessing, I have earned all 9 ways, I have proven the money in every way. It is an equal opportunity company. Family, legacy, and generational wealth is available to all ArdyssPreneurs.

I live by this scripture: James 2:17 (in the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead). If you believe and put in purpose-driven productive effort the blessings are endless.

My husband and I were able to pay our house and we have earned trips to the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and earned commission and bonuses every month for 12 years, we have never missed a check. Thank you Antonio, Armida, Alejandro, and Elvia Diaz de Leon for this amazing opportunity. Thank you team community for being awesome business partners.

Thank you Larry, Mama Joy, Suwuan, Madison, and Grayson for your support and love. God bless the ArdyssLife leaders. Success is helping others to succeed. An appointment with Ardyss changed my life!