It all started more than
30 years ago in 1989…

… when Overnight, Mr. Antonio Díaz De León, the head of the family was unemployed at the age of 50, with two children and a wife to procure.
There were many efforts and many ideas that crossed his head, but nothing had prepared him to find the inspiration of the way he found it, when one afternoon and in the most fortuitous way while giving a group of teachers a ride, he heard about  a type of business that was based on using and sharing products and receiving economic benefits for it, something that allowed them to meet the needs of them and their family.
The principle was simple, families had been used for decades to use and consume all kinds of products of the big brands for daily consumption, many of them plagued with harmful ingredients, products that were not good for the health of consumers, products for those who were not receiving any compensation. That was when they took action, they invested all their time and efforts to gather the best quality ingredients, formulas and materials, obtaining not only unique products, but patents unprecedented in the remodeling and nutrition industry.