“I am

… for having lost weight, because today i enjoy and unbeatable health. i used to suffer from high blood pressure and I had a bad blood circulation. With my weight loss my pressure is regulated and my circulation is better than ever. My self-esteem also improved a lot. Now i really enjoy seeing myself in the mirror. The clothes that used to be very small, now fits me perfectly, I would never have imagined such a radical change,

definitely an appointment with Ardyss changed my life.”

-Rosalva Flores Garcia



… helped to get off over 50 prescription meds. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after a car accident in 2003. I had surgery, they removed two discs and replaced with a plate and reconstruction in the back of my neck. After 6 months of taking the Ardyss products as well as changing my diet, I was able to come off all the prescription meds,

the two containers that I’m holding was the medication that I was on prior to me being introduced to Ardyss.”

-Delores Lee